Suspend lockdown for a week: Stop making India a Lab of Death

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Is it experimentation of how people die on the roads, forced to take Corona virus into their being in a situation of denial to them the isolation, which so badly they need?

If self-quarantine is the key to escape the catastrophe, and if Sec.188 of IPC is available to police that, by orientation, enjoy their power to use force, does this officially created condition help people to have the physical distance from each other to escape the dreaded disaster?

As our Prime Minister Mr. Modi was well aware of the urgent need of quarantine before 2020, why he kept it hidden from the people till March 22? He should have asked every migrant worker and employee, every individual away from home as a tourist or in business, to rush for his/her house by March 22 or even earlier, so that innumerable persons would not have become so vulnerable to the virus, having no scope of social distancing, as the above picture of people crying for way to go back to their native places, in the Country’s capital, irrefutably depict.

The sudden imposition of the misconceived lockdown (Lockdown means: the confining of prisoners to their cells) has made innumerable Indians, who neither are convicted criminals and prisoners, vulnerable to tortured death, mostly on the road, on the way to their homes.

Looking at their plight, which they are subjected to for no fault of theirs, India looks like a laboratory of death, if absence of individual distance from each other by at least 5ft and more is what makes the virus spread.

The PM has begged apology for the imposition of lockdown. Apologizing has no meaning if the wrong is not removed.

Therefore, the best the PM may do at this moment is to put the order of lockdown in abeyance for at least a week in order to give the people their right to reach their respective homes.

Stop making India a laboratory of death, dear Prime Minister.

You are our leader and a powerful leader. Save us by helping us reach our dear ones with dignity and within the quickest possible time. Make all passenger transportation free and sufficient to meet the need.

Please put your order of lockdown in abeyance at least for a week or till all Indians reach their homes, whichever is earlier.India mustn’t be made a laboratory of death.

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