Corona Quagmire// Chronology of Religious and Other Congregations till March 22

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

After this exposure (Source:The Wire) of how their governments on Delhi dragged in lakhs of migrant workers and students to a single place in Anand Vihar bus terminus on 28 March, after imposition of lockdown on the 25th, exposing almost all of them to the dreaded virus, as if the miscreants in power were eager to make India a laboratory of death, the right-wingers, some of them well educated, have tried to show the Muslims as the only spreaders of the virus, congregated as they had in a religious congregation at Nizamuddin, New Delhi on the 13th.

The State Government is conspicuous by its conspiratorial silence, even though such irresponsible posts in the social media are absolutely provocative for a communal flareup.

In a moment of such gloom, a former Bank Officer, popular columnist and a tireless conscience-keeper of the people in this province, Mr. Tusarkanta Satpathy prepared a chronology of blatant violation of the lochdown order by non-Muslims till march 22 from Day of the Jammat.

I think it prudent to share his Facebook reply to such a communally blinding post, just to tell my people that the Nizamuddin event need not be singled out in this critical time, when utmost unity, solidarity and concern for each other – irrespective of religion, creed and community – in collective endeavor to face the catastrophe is the need of the moment.

The period from March 13 to 15 is the object of communal criticism that forms the crux of the object of this chronology prepared and presented by Sri Satpathy.

He is copy-pasted here:

1)13.3 to 15.3.2020:- Religious gathering at NIZAMUDDIN, NEW-DELHI on the ocassion of JAMMAT .

2)15.3.2020:- KARNATAK C.M and dignitaries in hundreds attend marriage ceremony of daughter of BJP Chief Whip held in BENGALURU.

3)16.3.2020:- Many highly placed dignitaries attend a party in LUCKNOW, also attended by a Corona+’ve lady.

4)16.3.2020:- HINDU MAHASABHA conducts COW URINE PARTY to cure from CORONA VIRUS ATTACK .

5)17.3 to 18.3:- 40, 000 stranded in TIRUPATI TEMPLE.

6)18.3.2020:- The honourable President of India meets over 100 M.Ps in Rastrapati Bhawan in which a M.P , who had attended the party on 16th MARCH as above after which he had tested +’ve.He had also attended RAJYASABHA Proceedings.

7)22.3.2020:- JANATA CURFEW call of the P.M was observed on this day and at 5.00pm , hundreds thronged roads though the Curfew period was over.

8)23.3.2020:- Sri Sivaraj Singh Chouhan takes oath as C.M of Madhya Pradesh for 4th time after which many , in close proximity celebrate the ocassion.

9)23.3.2020:- Parliament, in session till date ( originally scheduled to end on 2.4.2020 ) is closed attended by many including the CORONA +’ve R.S member.

10)24.4.2020:- P.M announces 21 days LOCKDOWN period w.e.f 25.3.2020.

22)25.3.2020 :- U.P C.M attends a function at AYODHYA with others on the first day of LOCKDOWN period.

But media, particularly NATIONAL level Electronic Media and trolls in Social media start communal propaganda demonizing a particular community w.e.f 30th March vide item no 1 above though they were SILENT on other functions as illustrated above. On item no.1 also, they are SILENT on role POLICE, IMMIGRATION authorities, ISOLATION people in charge as they are ” All the master’s men” ( a la, ALL THE PRIME MINISTER’S MEN by Uma Vasudev after EMERGENCY) and these media persons are of ” HIS MASTER’S VOICE ABIDING ” group.

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  1. Subhashbabu,
    The number of foreign participants in Nizamuddin is the factor in my opinion.
    India government does not have proper screening in Delhi airport. They must
    check it at the source, possibly they lack the test kits. I arrived in Delhi from the
    US on March 5 and was just let go after some Islamic people started shouting.
    Thousands of others were let go. I was advised quarantine March 16 here in
    Bhubaneswar. The Nizamuddin visitors came from many countries and might
    have shouted their way in. I continue to be home confined and have no symptoms.
    Best regards,
    Bijoy Misra (Bhubaneswar, normally in the US).

  2. Should India keep silent on such a anti-national activity by Jamat why at all one should communal, when people condemned Konika Kappor no one said communal. Country is more damaged when intellectuals are silent on wrong serious crime in fear of being leveled communal. All functions after lock-down were observed keeping social distancing. Every one must raise one-self above religion/sects/cast/state/ religion and must condemn when there is threats to national safety / security.

    • Curiously, COVID-19 is not communal. Nobody from any community is guilty over the spread. If any needs be responsible, it is Modi and his government whose failure to screen at entrance into the country despite being well aware of the nature of the virus has precipitated the catastrophe. Modi has made social distancing a farce by encouraging occasions like the one which is a small sample:

      There is no need to site umpteen instances on records of blatant violation of social distancing in Hindu temples, which you should have marked Mr. Singh.

      I strongly maintain that India can thrive only through inviolable secularism, and nothing else.

      Thanks for going through the post and for sending your views.

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