NEP is Anti-People: FISE President Prof Amiya K. Mohanty

President of the World Federation of Teachers’ Union (FISE), Prof. Amiya Kumar Mohanty came down heavily upon the National Education Policy 2020, as it is a design for disaster in our future generation’s right to be rightly educated.

It aims at weakening the mother tongues of the people by imposing on them an enslaving language, which would de facto destroy the possibility of education becoming the instrument of people’s emancipation, he alleged.

He was live on Bhasha Maa Paeen Pade the digital platform of Bhasha Andolan, which has been espousing the cause of Orissa’s governance in Oriya Language. Prof. Mohanty addressed the nation on day 1601 of this unique movement, which, to this eminent scholar in history, is matchless in the world.

Here is his live speech in Facebook posted in YouTube:

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