Oriyas are deprived of banking benefits due to anti-Oriya attitude of State Government


Eminent Banker (Rtd) Nirmal Kumar Behera has no qualms in saying that, banking benefits to which the people of Orissa are lawfully entitled, get often stymied due to non-Oriya tricks.

Addressing the people of Orissa live from the Facebook platform of Bhasha Andolan, as its Black Flag Campaign for governance of Orissa in Oriya has adopted virtual method due to COVID19, Sri Behera disclosed that the Banks are bound to render all their services including information on their projects, in Oriya language in Orissa. But this is not happening due to the State Government’s lackadaisical manners and blatant aversion to use of Oriya in the offices and businesses in Orissa. As a result, the people of Orissa are deprived of their legitimate entitlement to banking benefits in almost all sectors, particularly agriculture, small businesses, loans and repayments, investments and interests et cetera.

Bhasha Andolan is the only way to bring in the change, he said.

Here is what he said:

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