Forgery in The Samaja: Onus lies on the CM to prove his innocence

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has escaped a criminal inquiry because of his power and position as the ultimate political ruler of the State.

A retired IAS officer Dandanirodh Mishra has put it on records that, a program was “scheduled” for secret transaction of a sum of Rs.50 lakhs between Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik and the then chief of the Servants of People Society Manubhai Patel at Puri on 15 November 2006. On intelligence report that the transaction may be captured in camera, he had informed the CM, which could save him from the exposure.

Why Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik was to give Manubhai Patel a sum of Rs.50 lakhs (Samaja letter No. 253/GM/2007 – 25.7.2007) SECRETLY on the scheduled day?

The Chief Minister owes an answer on this; because he has kept mum even though I had exposed it in ORISSA MATTERS on 07 July 2013. However, this secret pact between the Servants of People Society and Naveen Patnaik has debarred senior journalist Pitambar Mishra from getting justice in his case against the mental and financial turmoil he was subjected to by this gang.

I have exposed, with exemplary cooperation of the employees of the newspaper organisation led by journalist Deviprasanna Nayak, all the treacheries committed against Utkalmani Pandit Gopabandhu Das by his trusted employee Radhanath Rath and forgeries perpetrated by him and Gopabandhu’s known protege Lingaraj Mishra in matter of The Samaja, which was founded by the Satyabadi Bana Bidyalaya group, but controlled by Gopabandhu till he breathed his last under a sort of enforced death sans any money to get medical care, the villain being Rath, whom India has decorated with the 2nd highest Civilian Honor – Padma Bibhusan.

But the forgery resorted to by Rath’s daughter Manoramaa Mohapatra is so villainous that, Rath, were he alive, would have found his Guru in his daughter. My documented article on Manorama’s crime was published on 24.11.2014.

Naveen Patnaik’s government has been giving protection to this forger for about 10 years, first through the Police that did not register the complaint filed on 20 July 2011 by the victim of this forgery; and then through the government advocate (APP) within whose knowledge the case is lying without any proceeding since 24 March 2015 in the Court of the SDJM, Cuttack.

The victim, journalist Pitambar Mishra is now bedridden and possibly because of Naveen Patnaik’s misrule, the culprit Manorama will never be punished within the lifetime of Mishra, despite her offense established by the State Forensic Lab in 2011.

Bijayashree Routray, then Labour Minister, had told me about how he was forced by the CMO to transfer the District Labour Officer, Cuttack, when he had initiated an inquiry against the Management of the Samaja in the matter of dispute raised by the employees.

So, if Manorama Mohapatra is not arrested and justice to Pitambar Mishra is further delayed, onus would lie on Naveen Patnaik to show that he is not involved with the protection given so far to Mohapatra.

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