Arbitrary change of Land Records devastates a Tribal family

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Eminent poet and sentinel of human rights, Advocate Gajanan Mishra of Titilagarh, who has all along battled for administration of law in Oriya, has been fighting against arbitrary change of land records under a Law made in English, which has devastated a Tribal family in his area under the district administration of Bolangir.

We cite below a post from YouTube that carries an interview of the disadvantaged where Sri Mishra has also expressed his views on the issue that calls for urgent intervention of the Revenue authorities.

We strongly urge upon the government to discipline the officer, who has made a non-tribal land-right over a tribal family’s lawful right and has forced the innocent poor family into litigation.

Government officers administrating land records, particularly of the scheduled tribes and scheduled castes, mustn’t be allowed to act scourges, like the instance in hand.

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