This Documentary on Gadar Party is Unique Documentation of our Fight for Freedom

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The role of Indian Diaspora in waging anti-colonial struggles has not been adequately studied. Ghadar Mutiny as a pan-Indian resistance against British Raj is one that instructs us how Indians no matter where they reside in the world are united in their love for motherland, and yet that dedication is beyond petty sectarianism and political opportunism.

Historically, the most prominent Ghadarite Lala Har Dayal had turned down civil services career in India and later became a communist leader at the California branch of Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) in 1911. He inspired numerous comrades in both Canada and the US to become mutineers and revolutionaries with the aim to free India from British rule. Many of those Indians still reside in the West, and even as they are geographically afar, their first love still is towards the Indian motherland.

In the documentary (Ghadar Party & Mutiny – 100 Years) I am sharing below, you will learn more about those Indians from the diaspora, some of whom have been interviewed by my son Saswat who has co-produced it, along with award winning journalist Munish Gupta.

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