Subjecting the Assembly into acts of fundamentalism is a crime the non-communist opposition have committed in Orissa

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The Orissa Assembly is not functioning for the last four days, as both the non-communist opposition parties – the Congress and the BJP – have been playing tricks to transform this rampart of democracy into a hub of Hindu fundamentalism, hands in glove with Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.

Home (State) Minister of Orissa Divyashankar Mishra is involved with murder of a lady teacher of his area, they allege.

Hence, they have been demanding his resignation.

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has paid no heed.

This being the time of Panchayat elections, both of these parties of opposition are eager to take advantage of the situation, even as the BJD supremo refuses to succumb to their demand, for reasons best known to himself.

Mishra’s unexplained delay in reacting to the allegation hurled at him has made the general public believe that he is guilty and thus the opposition attack has gained ground.

Here comes the conspiracy against the people, the three parties on the playground – BJP, Congress and BJD – together or hands in each-other’s gloves, have cooked up.

The BJP used cow-dungs and water of the Ganges to purify the Assembly premises yesterday, as, according to them, Mishra, the alleged perpetrator of the felony, ruined the sanctity of the august house by entered into its premises to attend the session. Today, the same act of Hindu fundamentalism was executed by the Congress. Naveen Patnaik, supremo of the BJD, who is being marked for his massive involvement in fomenting Hindu fundamentalism in management of temple-systems including that of Buddha, known as Sri Jagannath, has been shrewdly helping BJP and Congress to convince the people that cow-dung and gangajal (water of the Ganges) are the components that can emancipate them more manifestly than the constitutional provisions. In order to help them go ahead with this design, he is retaining Mishra in the ministry, even though, as is his wont, he should have been dismissed since long, when media had started zooming in on him.

Idiots do not understand this shrewd game.

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