Speaker must ask the CM to remain in the Assembly or recommend the Governor to dissolve it

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Orissa Assembly has become a place of partnership in privileged hooliganism. Members of all the non-Communist parties have reduced it to condition of no legislative business. In absence of debating environment Guillotine replaces application of informed legislative minds, as has been happened on December 08 in matter of demands of two key departments like Home and General Administration & PG.

The Speaker has expressed his helplessness in controlling the situation.

But what happens to the Leader of the House – the Chief Minister?

His physical presence in the Assembly might have changed the situation. There is grave allegation against his closest ministerial colleague in the department of Home. He is dutybound to tell the House how he takes the matter.

Whether or not he is required to present himself in the Assembly in such a very unprecedented unruly situation should be settled through a ruling from the Speaker. If the Speaker fails to conduct the House and the Chief Minister doesn’t feel it essential to remain physically present to lead the Assembly, it would be proper for the Speaker to inform the Governor and to seek its dissolution, notwithstanding how the agitated members feel.

The farce must end.

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