Modi’s act of repealing Agriculture Acts is again an act of authoritarianism

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Repeal of the three Agriculture Acts by Prime Minister Modi is again an act of authoritarianism and it has not given back the people the environment of politicians-people partnership in nation building. The legislation was an act of autocratic imposition on Parliamentary wisdom and deletion thereof is not based on democratic vision.

On December 12,2020, I had suggested that the laws where the farmers find their doom should be repealed and the Government should pay heed to advice that any legislation imposed in autocratic manner would be viewed as harmful in a monstrous manner to democracy.

It is good that the PM has finally realized the fault.

But responsibility needs be fixed for willfully putting the country in such an unprecedented chaos for such a very long period that gave India the unfathomable sorrows of unnecessary death of so many farmers.

To whom this idea had come first needs be determined to find who was the wretched agent of the Dracula that was eager to drink the farmers’ blood.

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