Anarchy rejuvenated with Pandian appointed in Cabinet rank

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has rejuvenated anarchy in Orissa by appointing his Rasputin VK Pandian in a Cabinet rank, after he was relieved from Government service over serious exposure of his official misconduct. 

On the 20th instant , Naveen had to send to the Central Government  the IAS officer’s application for voluntary retirement with a design to help him escape disciplinary action, which, sans any query was sanctioned on the 23rd.  Orissa Government, immediately after receiving the Central Government communication allowing the retirement, relieved him from service, exonerating him thereby from the accusations that could have led to severe punishment.  

BJP M.P. Aparajita Sarangi had exposed Pandian’s misdeeds and had wanted disciplinary action against him, as Rule 5 of the All India Services Conduct Rules (AISCR), prohibits the members of the Service from being associated with any political party or any organization which takes part in politics. When no All India Service member is allowed to take part in, or subscribe in aid of, or assist in any other manner, any political movement or political activity, Rule 12 thereof also stipulates that , “No member of the Service shall receive any complimentary or valedictory address or accept any testimonial or attend any meeting or entertainment held in his honour.”  Pandian was marked to have blatantly contravened these provisions of AISCR.  Hence, she had invited action-oriented attention of the central government to Pandian’s misconduct. Co-signatory to the complaint was her party leader Manmohan Samal. The accusations being fact-based and serious, and Pandian being an Officer of Orissa cadre, the Central Government asked the Chief Secretary of Orissa “for action as appropriate” (File No. 104/37/2023-IA(Pt.3) dated the 26th June 2023), The complaint and the evidences loaded in the accompanying CD and Pen Drive, were too factual to be countered by Pandian. Orissa has presently a strong officer in the incumbent Chief Secretary, who knows how the Chief of the Executive Government is to work in such a situation. So the situation was worrisome for Pandian. 

Guilty of the same offences Pandian was alleged to have committed, Naveen Patnaik came to his rescue in his own interest.

A plan was contrived, which has resulted in his retirement sans any punishment, as noted supra.

Thus setting Pandian exonerated of accusations pertaining to his service as his PS -cum- chief executive of the monstrous mischief called 5T,  Naveen Patnaik has forthwith appointed him as chairman of another instrument of vandalism called “Naveen Odisha”, which is a mega conspiracy formulated by his non-Oriya Rasputin to help him with sadistic pleasure of bastardising the splendid name of the beloved  motherland of the fine race of Oriyas that had thrown his father Biju Patnaik into the political dustbin to die a wretched death, as an abandoned person.

This Rasputin is given a Cabinet Minister rank, which means, he shall be the de facto Minister in charge of bastardisation of Orissa’s unique name. 

This is an unambiguous instance of rejuvenation of anarchy in Orissa by the chief minister of the State. 

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