MadhuJanata would be the vociferous part of Bhasha Andolan

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

There is a section of people in Orissa known as Biju Janata. Another section is  Modi Janata (Mr. Narendra Modi being the synonym of Bharatiya Janata Party). Yet another segment is Sonia Janata (notwithstanding who presently leads, Sonia Gandhi being its de facto controller).

The rest of the people are MadhuJanata. On March 24, an organisation in the same name is launched. When Kala Pataka Abhijan (Black Flag Campaign) is the silent instrument of Bhasha Andolan, it shall be the vociferous organ.   

What this organ shall do, is spelt out in the video message placed below, delivered live in Facebook on March 25. 


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