Theft of Orissa’s Classical Odia Document: Version of Former Director of Odia Bhasha Pratisthan

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Award of Presidential Certificate of Honour to Scholars in the segment of Maharshi Badrayan Vyas Samman, 2019 to Subrat Kumar Prusty is absolutely offensive to the concept itself, as he is alleged to have stolen away the State’s official document on classical distinction of Oriya Language.

Prof. Harihar Kanungo was the Director of Odia Bhasha Pratisthan, who in that capacity had initiated the research for justifying Orissa’s claim for Classical tag to Oriya and had collected all the base-papers from a team of scholars and completed almost all the major works relevant to the project, when he was surprisingly relieved of his duties in the night without a transfer order ever served on him. This was apparently done to create an environment for shanghaiing the complete volume of the documented official thesis by Subrat Kumar Prusty and his mentor Dr. Debi Prasanna Pattanayak.

In this recorded version of Prof. Kanungo those days of shame to the race of Oriyas are revisited.

For you, friends, the interview is embedded below:

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