Prafulla Samantara: Orissa’s General of Eco-War makes Green Nobel worthier

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak
Not only he fights for the eco-system, his fight for the victims of the destroyers of the eco-system of Niyamgiri has remained the subject of various articles in ORISSA MATTERS such as “Lok Shakti Abhijan Demands Action Against Police For Torture On Lado Sikaka” , to cite just a piece.

We are most happy that our unique General in our eco-war – Prafulla Samantara – has been honored with the Green Nobel.

And, in accepting the award, he has made the GOLDEN ENVIRONMENTAL PRIZE worthier.

He is the hero in the pages of human history.

Where do you, the compradors in power, the destroyers of our eco-systems, stand?

Heroic Life of Oriya Language

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Orissa is a land of PuraPalli. The word ‘Pura’ stands for the place(s) where the elites using Sanskrit as official language were residing and ‘Palli’ stands for the villages of Orissa where Pali was the language of the common people. Mother tongue of Orissa was Pali and therefore, Buddha, born near Bhubaneswar in the Dhauli region, had preached his philosophy in Pali. Whosoever Indian and non-Indian outside Orissa had accepted Buddhism as his/her creed, had learned Pali in order to understand Buddha. In Orissa’s words of daily use, even now, we find Pali in adjusted form. Be it Sambalpuri or Koshali, be it Deshia or Uttari, Pali is the silent base that has been in use incognito and thus Oriya has withstood all attempts of Sanskrit and other languages of the ruling class to overshadow it.

With Buddha’s demise, when the pyramid of Buddhist philosophical framework de facto collapsed and Vedic Brahminism eclipsed his birthplace Orissa, and the land succumbed to aggression by non-Oriya Vedic imperialists, and Buddhism, in its place of origin, had to suffer almost extinction with brutal annihilation of Buddhist Monks, the Siddhas, particularly of Chourashi Monastery on River Prachi, had developed a non-Sanskrit linguistic style of their own in a pattern improved from Pali to continue preaching of the essence of their creed.

But, when those mystic poems composed to popularize matriarch magnificence of Buddhism in proto Oriya interlaced with philosophic intricacies in that peculiar pattern known as ‘Sandhya Bhasa’, became too intricate for the general public to understand easily, Sri Jaya Dev (wrongfully branded as Baishnav by the caste-supremacists) decided to present their philosophy in easily understandable lyrics and wrote his most popular love songs (Astapadis) in Oriyanized Sanskrit to equip Sahajayana with a strong supportive literature, which the entire population of Orissa was able to easily understand (Subhas Chandra Pattanayak, Sri Jaya Devanka Baisi Pahacha, Bharata Bharati, Cuttack). Its impact challenged the caste-supremacists, and made Orissa agog with social unity.

Many chauvinists of Vedic system rushed to Orissa, particularly to Puri and forced Sankrit again upon the Orissa administration.

Sanskrit became the official language and people of Orissa were exploited by the caste-supremacists by interpretations of canons written in Sanskrit as they liked. People of Orissa revolted against that evil design under the leadership of a son of the soil, Kapilendra Rautray.

That revolution freed Orissa from the caste supremacist rulers and Oriya language being overshadowed by Sanskrit.
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Emancipative Revolution, even if Terrorism, cannot be exterminated

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

It pains to note that 25 CRPF personnel have succumbed to attack by suspected Maoists at Chhattisgarh’s south Sukma region on April 24. When in these pages, I have strongly condemned such acts of killing by persons that claim communism as their creed, I also feel that use of State Terrorism is not of any helpfulness to change the scenario.

“Inquilab Zindabad” – Long Live Revolution – was the war cry of India’s Freedom Movement, in which the Indian martyrs had made their supreme sacrifice to bring in freedom for India to ensure her children emancipation from exploitation. Who can stop this Revolution now, branding its process as Maoist Terrorism? British had ruthlessly oppressed and killed our revolutionaries; but the Revolution won, they had to quit. Revolution is continuing in new form since the day the weapon of post-independence exploitation – Nathuram Godse – killed Gandhiji and has faced many bullets of post-independence State Terrorism. It is continuing and shall continue till the system of exploitation is completely quashed.

“The poor and the deprived people revolt” when “manifest injustices of all forms perpetrated against the weak”, the Supreme Court of India has observed in what is famous as “Salwa Judam” judgment.

Musclemen of the capitalists, be they in the temples of power or in the temples of gods, would do better to appreciate that the victims of exploitation shall always rise and roar: INQUILAB ZINDABAD.

Kalinga TV presents Bhasha Andolan Chief Subhas C Pattanayak in Capital Khati

Bhubaneswar Bureau
People of Orissa, including its political and bureaucratic communities should watch this video to see how ‘Bhasha Andolan’, the world’s unique linguistic revolution is arousing the people against the government’s deviltry in matter of their mother tongue. The chief of the movement Subhas Chandra Pattanayak has elaborated what the movement stands for and aims at.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

It was amusing to watch the royal style of Prime Minister Mr. Modi as he with his motorcade surged into the chest of Orissa’s capital city this afternoon that reminds one the style of the autocrats whose pompous appearance in public to keep the people cowed down was quashed by our predecessors, some of whom are yet alive. With utmost pride, we call them ‘freedom fighters’.

As Oriyas we are a magnanimous people. Gandhiji had described us as a “fine race”. So, we welcome Mr. Modi and his team members that have preferred our State Capital to have their National Executive. It is also a matter of pride for us that the party that has saved our country from the pernicious grip of the Congress Party, the party of the American stooge Manmohan Singh, has preferred our place as the venue of its National Executive.

Before proceeding further, let me share with you the unedited extemporal version of my interview to a TV channel a few days ago. In this interview, I have, despite my strong views against capitalism equally strongly wished BJP to win the 2019 elections in Orissa so as to save our State from Naveen Patnaik, who has ruined our mother tongue and has been patronizing a gang of mafia that has been sabotaging Orissa’s cry for governance in Oriya. This is the link to the link to the unedited video of my interview.

With this my view put on records, I urge upon the BJP online workers to notify their leaders in session here on their political agenda to state specifically the party’s views on the demands of Bhasha Andolan.
Bhasha Andolan has forced the State Government to amend Orissa Official Language Act, 1954 to acquire the authority to frame necessary Rules to drive the Act ahead, the provision of which was absent in the Act. The 2nd demand is for provision of penal action against whosoever functionary contravenes the Act of 1954 and sabotages Oriya as official language. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik is not heeding to this demand, as he himself is not able to read and write in Oriya. And, like his father Biju Patnaik, he hates Oriya.

Bhasha Andolan has aroused amongst the people of Orissa their passion for the mother tongue and determination for establishing the primacy and paramountcy of Oriya language in administration and management of all public places and offices in Orissa. Notwithstanding their tall claims, BJP local leadership knows that unexpected success the Party got in Panchayat polls a few weeks ago was not authored by the voters’ love for BJP, but by the people’s determination to teach Naveen a lesson for paying no heed to the demand of the Bhasha Andolan for punishment to contraveners of Orissa Official Language Act. So we believe, when the National leadership of BJP is meeting in Bhubaneswar, the Party shall specifically speak up on how it looks at the demand of Bhasha Andolan for complete governance of Orissa in Oriya and provision of punishment to whosoever contravenes it.

Oriya Language created Orissa and therefore Orissa must be ruled by Oriya Language

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik seems to have developed a wrong notion that governance of Orissa in Oriya depends upon his mercy. His press-note of December 17 and full page display advertisement in major broadsheets of today force us to arrive at this apprehension.

In his December 17 press note it was declared that he had held a meeting with the five members of the ministerial committee on that day for the purpose of “strictly implementing the Orissa Official Language Act, 1954 in official and non-official level” to facilitate which a website has been floated by the government. In the full page multi-color advertisement in broadsheet dailies today, this is intriguingly missing.

The advertisement is designed to tell the people that Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has taken historical steps to save and develop Oriya language, and has enumerated the steps he has taken. This is blatant lie. Neither he nor his government has executed any single item claimed to be “historical” in the official advertisement. The entire advertisement is nothing but false propaganda. What a shame it is, that, the people of Orissa are taken for granted by their Chief Minister! Read more →

Navakalevara: Legends and reality

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Legends are the most misguiding mischief aimed at superimposing lies on reality so that indigenous people of an occupied land are kept too dazzled to see the dark face of the rulers and the class of exploiters can keep its victims subjugated to its authority, while forcing them to forget the heroic history of evolution of their own philosophy of life, their own splendid spiritual realizations, their own socio-economic uniqueness, their own ancient culture, their own valorous past, their own way of social integration and their own civilization.

We see this mischief galore in the context of Navakalevara of SriJagannatha.

So, here, we are to rip apart the legends and bring the reality of the Navakalevara to light, as thereby alone we can reach the lost uniqueness of the people of Orissa.

We will use Puri Sankaracharya’s self-proclaimed authority over Navakalevara to proceed with our purpose.

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Samaja in Maze of Forgery: Two former Ministers of Orissa – Lingaraj Mishra & Radhanath Rath forged the WILL of Gopabandhu; Both benefitted till their death; SoPS continues to Loot

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The Oriya daily SAMAJA founded by late Utkalmani Pandit Gopabandhu Das, to which, out of their love and reverence for the great humanitarian leader, the people of Orissa had and have been giving their financial and moral support, is in a menacing maze of forgery and loot.

Sadly, two of Gopabandhu’s trusted men – Lingaraj Mishra and Radhanath Rath – who, because of being known so, had the opportunity of becoming cabinet ministers in Orissa, were the masterminds and/or makers of the forgery from which the paper is yet to be salvaged.

Both of them – Lingaraj and Radhanath – had partnered with each other in forging the last WILL of Gopabandhu to grab the Samaja, which being Gopabandhu’s paper was of superb credibility and the greatest political instrument of the day. They had performed this crime behind the screen of and in nexus with Servants of the People Society (SoPS), of which, while breathing his last, Gopabandhu was the Vice-President. Read more →